First Tea Ceremony Conference Draws 160 Participants

December 4, 2012
Tea Ceremony Demonstration

More than 160 people participated in "Ocha Zanmai: San Francisco International Conference on Chanoyu and Tea Cultures," the first interdisciplinary conference on the study of chanoyu, the Japanese tea ceremony, to be held on the West Coast.

The conference was held Nov. 10 and organized by San Francisco State University and the University of San Francisco in partnership with the Dilena Takeyama Center. Prof. Midori McKeon of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature was the primary "mover and shaker" behind the ambitious event.

Two renowned specialists gave keynote lectures: Dr. Asao Kōzu, widely known for his expertise in the history of tea, and Dr. Tamaki Yano, who has gained universal recognition for his research on Kundaikansouchōki, a text dating from the Muromachi period. Tea ceremony practices in Japan and Korea were demonstrated, and researchers from Japan and the U.S. treated topics such as calligraphy scrolls, flower arrangement, bamboo baskets, and various aspects of tea ritual.

The campus newspaper Golden Gate Xpress covered the conference with a feature story by Erin Dage and photographs by Alejandrina Hernandez.