Brenda Wong Aoki's MU premiers Sept. 27

September 9, 2013

The Dilena Takeyama Center is pleased to be a community sponsor of Brenda Wong Aoki’s Mu, a magical fable based on a Japanese legend about a lonely young man who rescues a mermaid. Told through music, dance and taiko, Mu will receive its world premier at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco from Friday, Sept. 27 to Saturday, Sept. 28.

Mu was written by Aoki, with music by composer Mark Izu and dance by choreographer Kimi Okada. Friends of the Dilena Takeyama Center will recall that Aoki and Izu performed at the opening reception for our exhibit, “Voices from Japan: Tanka—After the Tsunami,” earlier this year.

For information and tickets, please see The Jewish Community Center is located at 3200 California Street in San Francisco.

Mu will also be performed Oct 3-4 in Urbana, Illinois, and Oct. 9-11 in Palm Desert, California.