AP Reporter Yuri Kageyama Says Fukushima Residents Fear Being Forgotten

June 8, 2014

Associated Press reporter Yuri Kageyama tells KQED Public Radio that the people of Fukushima continue to live with anxious fears about radiation more than three years after the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power plant disaster that struck northeastern Japan.

Kageyama, based in AP's Tokyo bureau, was in San Francisco to meet with students from San Francisco State University who will be visiting the disaster-struck region in August to develop stories about how residents are faring. In an interview with KQED's Mina Kim, she said that Fukushima residents fear that the world has forgotten their plight.

“I wish there were more interest, because the people of Fukushima are extremely worried about being forgotten. This is an important story, it’s probably the biggest story of my life," said Kageyama. "I’ve been with AP for more than 20 years and I think it’s up to us reporters to make sure that important stories are not forgotten.”

Kageyama met wit the students to talk about how she has covered Fukushima and to offer tips. The students -- a combination of journalism and Japanese studies majors -- are being sponsored by the Dilena Takeyama Center. She also met with members of the campus and community during a forum. To listen to KQED's report, please click here.