Program for May 1 Tea Ceremony Conference Available

March 26, 2016
SFSU's third tea ceremony conference will be held May 1.


The schedule for Ocha Zanmai: The 2016 International Conference on Chanoyu and Tea Culture is available for download. Please see the icon below labeled "Simplified Program."

The conference will be held May 1 at San Francisco State University.

The 2016 San Francisco International Conference on Chanoyu and Tea Culture will feature presentations by two experts from Japan: Dr. Kunio Kirisako, an architectural historian, and Seiwemon Onishi, Japan’s foremost tea kettle maker. Chanoyu refers to the “Way of Tea,” and recognizes the tea ceremony as a comprehensive form of art, hospitality and spiritual pursuit.

A bowl of matcha tea will be served to all attendees during the lunch recess by local tea practitioners of Omotesenke and Urasenke, two schools dedicated to carrying on the Way of Tea, and SFSU students who are learning chanoyu.

The all-day conference is open to the public and will be held in the Humanities Auditorium, Room 133 in the Humanities Building, on campus. A post-conference networking session also will be held.

To obtain a registration form, please click here, or contact organizer Dr. Midori McKeon at