Renewing Energy from Within

By Lorisa Salvatin

After the explosion at Daichii Power Plant allowed harmful radiation to seep into the air and soil of Japan’s Tohuku region, many people concerned themselves with the direct effects of radioactive materials had on the body, leaving people in fear to be outside their homes and eat fresh food grown in Fukushima. In addition, with the aftermath of a devastating disaster on their shoulders, those who moved to temporary housing found their lifestyles changed completely, including a drop in their activity level.

Though it has been 4 years since the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, health remains a significant issue in Fukushima. Yet, most people fail to see that many of the issues regarding health are connected to nutrition and lack of activity in communities that have been moved to temporary housing or are afraid that radiation still circulates in the air and soil.

However, Kaneko Eiko hopes to get people back on their feet and bring joy to their lives by teaching Radio Exercise to those in and out of temporary housing. In this video, she tells how she hopes to revitalize those in her own hometown of Sasaya.