Journal of Japanese Linguistics

The Dilena Takeyama Center for the Study of Japan and Japanese Culture congratulates Professor Masahiko Minami, Modern Languages and Literatures Department, who is the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Japanese Linguistics beginning January 2014. The Journal of Japanese Linguistics (JJL) editorial office moved to San Francisco State University, and the journal is housed on the website of the Dilena Takeyama Center. For more information, contact Prof. Minami at (415) 338-7451 or

Until December 2013, the Journal of Japanese Linguistics was available at the Institute for Japanese Studies at the Ohio State University.


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Current Issue: Volume 32

Publication Year: 2016

Scheduled Publication: January 2017


  • Submergence of lexically encoded egocentricity in syntax: The case of subjective emotion predicates in Japanese (Harumi Minagawa)

Special Section:

  • Triple operations of rendaku processing: Native Chinese and Korean speakers learning Japanese (Katsuo Tamaoka, Kyoko Hayakawa, and Timothy J. Vance)
  • /p/-driven geminate devoicing in Japanese: Corpus and experimental evidence (Shigeto Kawahara and Shin-ichiro Sano)
  • Unproductive alternations and allomorph storage: The case of Sino-Japanese (Phillip Burness)

Book Reviews:

  • Review of “Sequential Voicing in Japanese” edited by Timothy J. Vance and Mark Irwin (Reviewed by Nicolas Tranter)
  • Review of “The Handbook of Japanese Lexicon and Word Formation” edited by Taro Kageyama and Hideki Kishimoto (Reviewed by Peter Sells)
  • Review of “The Handbook of Japanese Applied Linguistics” edited by Masahiko Minami (Reviewed by Naomi H. McGloin and Shigeko Okamoto)
  • Review of “Cognitive-Functional Approaches to the Study of Japanese as a Second Language” edited by Kaori Kabata and Kiyoko Toratani (Reviewed by Kyoko Masuda)

Volume 32 Cover