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Volume 32

Publication Year: 2016

Scheduled Publication: January 2017


  • Submergence of lexically encoded egocentricity in syntax: The case of subjective emotion predicates in Japanese (Harumi Minagawa)

Special Section:

  • Triple operations of rendaku processing: Native Chinese and Korean speakers learning Japanese (Katsuo Tamaoka, Kyoko Hayakawa, and Timothy J. Vance)
  • /p/-driven geminate devoicing in Japanese: Corpus and experimental evidence (Shigeto Kawahara and Shin-ichiro Sano)
  • Unproductive alternations and allomorph storage: The case of Sino-Japanese (Phillip Burness)

Book Reviews:

  • Review of “Sequential Voicing in Japanese” edited by Timothy J. Vance and Mark Irwin (Reviewed by Nicolas Tranter)
  • Review of “The Handbook of Japanese Lexicon and Word Formation” edited by Taro Kageyama and Hideki Kishimoto (Reviewed by Peter Sells)
  • Review of “The Handbook of Japanese Applied Linguistics” edited by Masahiko Minami (Reviewed by Naomi H. McGloin and Shigeko Okamoto)
  • Review of “Cognitive-Functional Approaches to the Study of Japanese as a Second Language” edited by Kaori Kabata and Kiyoko Toratani (Reviewed by Kyoko Masuda)

Volume 32 Cover

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Volume 31

Publication Year: 2015

Scheduled Publication: February 2016


  • L1-L2 asymmetry in animacy effects in the processing of Japanese relative clauses (Sanako Mitsugi and Yasuhiro Shirai) 
  • Relative tense in relative clauses (Toshiyuki Ogihara)
  • The verb doubling construction in Japanese (Yuji Hatakeyama, Kensuke Honda, and Kosuke Tanaka)
  • Comments on verb doubling construction in Japanese (Michiya Kawai)

Special Section:

  • Aspects of scientific Japanese revealed by JECPRESE (Hiroko Hayashi and Judy Noguchi)

Book Reviews:

  • Review of “Modern Japanese Grammar: A Practical Guide” and “Modern Japanese Grammar Workbook” (Reviewed by Priya Ananth)
  • Review of “Usage-based Approaches to Japanese Grammar: Toward the Understanding of Human Language” (Reviewed by Misumi Sadler)
  • Review of “Japanese: A Linguistic Introduction” (Reviewed by Oana David)
  • Review of “The Passive of Japanese: A Cartographic Minimalist Approach” (Reviewed by Hitomi Hirayama)
  • Review of “The Handbook of Japanese Phonetics and Phonology” (Reviewed by Mary E. Beckman)
  • Review of “The Handbook of Japanese Psycholinguistics” (Reviewed by Koichi Otaki)
  • Review of “The Handbook of the Ryukyuan Languages: History, Structure, and Use” (Reviewed by Shoichi Iwasaki)

Volume 21 Cover

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Volume 30

Publication Year: 2014

Scheduled Publication: March 2015


  • Extended discourse in first and second language acquisition: A challenge and an opportunity (Catherine E. Snow)
  • Japanese compliment discourse: The process of collaborative construction (Kyoko Satoh)
  • Sequential patterns of storytelling using omotte in Japanese conversation (Maki Shimotani and Tomoko Endo)
  • A corpus-based analysis of the paradigmatic development of semi-polite verbs in Chinese and Korean learners of Japanese (Hitoshi Horiuchi)
  • Language learners’ use of non-turn-final ne (Paul Ganir)
  • A role for “air writing” in second-language learners’ acquisition of Japanese in the age of the word processor (Margaret Thomas)
  • On expressions of agent de-topicalized intentional events: A contrastive study between Japanese and Russian (Kensaku Soejima)

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Volume 29

Publication Year: 2013

Scheduled Publication: February 2014


  • The kono … noni construction: A semantic, syntactic and pragmatic analysis (Harumi Minagawa)
  • Some observations on wh-clauses in Japanese Sign Language (Asako Uchibori and Kazumi Matsuoka)
  • The polarity-sensitive intensifier mouth gestures in Japanese Sign Language (Kazumi Matsuoka and Jon Gajewski)
  • Book Review: An Introduction to Japanese Linguistics, 3rd Edition (Seth Goss)

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Volume 28

Publication Year: 2012

Special Issue: Selected Papers from the 7th International Conference on Practical Linguistics of Japanese


  • Taro Kageyama: Diversity and uniformity of Grammar: When ungrammatical expressions become grammatical
  • Timothy J. Vance: Benjamin Smith Lyman as a phonetician
  • Yoko Hasegawa: Deictic and anaphoric uses of the Japanese demonstratives ko-so-a
  • Mutsuko Hudson Endo: Three uses of kata ‘person’ in Japanese
  • Prashant Pardeshi and Yuko Yoshinari: An investigation into the interaction between intentionality and the use of transitive/intransitive expression: A contrastive study of Japanese and Marathi
  • Noriko Yoshimura, Mineharu Nakayama, Tomohiko Shirahata, Koichi Sawasaki, and Yasushi Terao: Zibun and locality in L2 Japanese
  • Carlos L. Pimentel and Mineharu Nakayama: Pronominal interpretations in L2 Japanese

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Volume 27

Publication Year: 2011


  • Yuji Hatakeyama, Kensuke Honda and Kosuke Tanaka: The physical attribute construction in Japanese and the cognate object construction in English
  • Rumiko Shinzato: From a manner adverb to a discourse particle: The case of yahari, yappari, and yappa
  • Harumi Minagawa: Marking or not marking? How is number construal understood in Japanese?
  • Mark Irwin: Mora clipping of loanwords in Japanese
  • Harry Solvang and Naoko Maeda: Testing the validity of linguistic description against the intuition of native speakers: The case of Japanese conditionals
  • Kazuma Fujimaki: The position of nominative NPs in Japanese: Evidence for nominative NPs in-situ

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Volume 26

Publication Year: 2010

Special Edition in memory of S-Y Kuroda
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Volume 25

Publication Year: 2009

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Volume 24

Publication Year: 2008

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Volume 23

Publication Year: 2007

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Volume 22

Publication Year: 2006


  • The V-te-miro conditional imperative and other imperative forms: Grammaticalization of lexemes in constructions (Hideki Mori)
  • On the borrowing of sokuon/Q/ in words from Korean (Toshihiro Sugawara)
  • Transitivity in Japanese sentence production: Speech errors of the dative NI and the accusative O (Noriko Iwasaki)

Volume 21

Publication Year: 2005


  • Syntactic categories and argument structures of verbal nouns in Japanese light verb constructions (Masaaki Kamiya)
  • The semantics of interrogative pronouns, existential(-like) quantifiers, and universal(-like) quantifiers in Japanese (Hisashi Morita)
  • Dissertation Abstract: The layered internal structure and external syntax of PP (Seiki Ayano)

Volume 20

Publication Year: 2004

Special Issue: Recent Issues in Japanese Phonetics and Phonology
Guest Editor: Haruo Kubozono


  • Morphological contrast and merger: ranuki in Japanese (Junko Ito and Armin Mester)
  • The learnability of the stratified phonological lexicon (Mitsuhiko Ota)
  • Prototypical features of phonetic/phonological categories (Michinao Matsui)
  • Weight neutralization in Japanese phonology (Haruo Kubozono)
  • Dissertation Abstracts

Volume 19

Publication Year: 2003


  • "Historical development of the accusative case marking in Japanese as seen in classical literary texts" (Shigeru Miyagawa and Fusae Ekida)

Volume 18

Publication Year: 2002


  • Mora augmentation processes in Japanese (Stuart Davis and Isao Ueda)
  • Switch-reference and semantic discontinuity in Late Old Japanese (T.E. McAuley)
  • Japanese adjectives in small clause complements (Rumiko Sode)
  • Dissertation Abstracts (Various)


The back cover of this volume, we regret, contains some errors. The author of "Japanese adjectives in small clause complements" should have read "Rumiko Sode"---our sincere apologies to Dr. Sode---and the page numbers should read: 1, 25, 51, 83 respectively.

Volume 17

Publication Year: 2001

Special Issue: The Interface between Lexical Semantics and Syntax/Morphology Taro Kageyama, Guest Editor


  • The role of AFFECTED in lexical causative alternations in Japanese (Shinako Imaizumi)
  • Polymorphism and boundedness in event/entity nominalizations (Taro Kageyama)
  • Locative alternation in Japanese: A case study in the interaction between syntax and lexical semantics (Hideki Kishimoto)
  • Event structure and adjuncts in Japanese deverbal compounds (Yoko Sugioka)
  • Locative postpositions ni and de on the level of Conceptual Structure (Seiji Ueno)
  • A modular approach to the semantic interpretation of syntactic V-V compounds (Yoko Yumoto)

Volume 16

Publication Year: 1998


  • "On Kakarimusubi in Old Japanese: A Possibility under a Perspective of Generative Grammar" (Hajime Ikawa)
  • "Remarks on Nominative Objects" (Masatoshi Koizumi)
  • "(s)ase as an Elsewhere Causative and the Syntactic Nature of Words" (Shigeru Miyagawa)
  • "Quotation Verb to Modal: TO YUU Reconsidered" (Hiroko Terakura)
  • "Change-Relatives in Japanese" (Sumiko Tonosaki)

Volume 15

Publication Year: 1993


  • "Lexical and Productive Causatives in Japanese: An examination of the theory of paradigmatic structure" (S.-Y.Kuroda)
  • "Nonsubject Honorification: A Pragmatic Approach" (Shoko Hamano)
  • "The Generalized Transformation Analysis of Relative Clauses" (Keiko Murasugi)
  • "Notes on Control Constructions in Japanese" (Naoko Nemoto)
  • "Extraction of Doo and Its Implications" (Hiroyuki Ura)

Volume 14

Publication Year: 1992


  • "Head-Movement and Case-Marking in Japanese" (Naoki Fukui and Taisuke Nishigauchi)
  • "The Phrase Structure Analysis of Japanese Passives" (Masatake Muraki)
  • "The Giving of Evidence: A Study of Sentence Extensions and Gender in Japanese" (Janet S. Smith)
  • "Nominative Objects in Japanese" (Hiroaki Tada)
  • "Some Observations on Sentences with Aida and Nagara" (Wako Tawa)

Volume 13

Publication Year: 1991


  • "The Onbin of g-Initial Syllables" (Brent de Chene)
  • "A Movement Approach to Multiple Subject Constructions in Japanese" (Minoru Fukuda)
  • "The Generalized Projection Principle and Its Implications for Passive Constructions" (Hiroto Hoshi)
  • "On the Semantic Properties of Unaccusativity" (Natsuko Tsujimura)
  • "An Autosegmental Account of Japanese Verbal Conjugation" (Stuart Davis and Natsuko Tsujimura)
  • "A New Experimental Study of Japanese Verb Morphology" (Timothy J. Vance)

Volume 12

Publication Year: 1990


  • "Japanese complex predicates and lexical phonology" (Anne-Marie Grignon)
  • "Discourse functions of zibun" (William J. Herlofsky)
  • "The linguistic notion 'head' in Japanese language teaching" (Hajime Hoji and Yoshihisa Kitagawa)
  • "Expression of appeal in the utterance design of Japanese conversational language" (Senko K. Maynard)
  • "TAI and GARU: Derivational suffixes or predicates?" (Masatake Muraki)